Greg Lake is a blogger, consultant, speaker, government relations specialist and a whole bunch of other cool sounding things.

Put another way, Greg likes to do lots of different things. He is the National Manager of Act Local - a community development organisation that seeks to equip churches to better connect with the people around them. He also does a lot of sailing, including with a campaign called 'Young and Free', which is hoping to compete in the famour Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race with a crew made up of asylum seekers who arrived in Australia by boat. (Yep, you read that right!)

Previously, Greg Worked for the Australian Government, managing various immigration detention centres, including Christmas Island, Curtin, Scherger and Nauru. While there were many aspects of the job that he found rewarding, he resigned in 2013 after the requirements of his role (particularly around implementing a deterrance policy) came into conflict with his christian faith. He continues to work with governments to develop better policies for stronger, more diverse communities.

Greg studied theology and economics. He lives on Sydney's northern beaches and likes to walk his dog (a keplie).

(Also, this blog used to be known as 'LakeLivesLife' and contained all sorts of ramblings. This new-look blog will continue to contain Greg's ramblings, but most of those old posts have been archived.)